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Tilburg University Challenge

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“Serving and enhancing the society to help citizens” is what drives Tilburg University. In order to understand society, it is necessary to be actively and consciously involved in it. This philosophy is the basis of what the university wants to contribute and is reflected in the various areas of the educational program and activities. Throughout their study, students of Tilburg University are taught how to solve numerous social challenges by providing them with a solid basis of interdisciplinary skills, perseverance, and an entrepreneurial mindset. Crucial for this is the link with ‘real-life’; the connection between the academic world and the industry, public sector and social organizations. By continuously cooperating with companies and governments from the Netherlands and abroad, Tilburg University and its students are capable of combining high-quality knowledge and as a result, find solutions for tomorrow’s problems.

The focus areas of Tilburg University are economics, business and entrepreneurship, social and behavioral sciences, law and public administration, theology, humanities and digital sciences. At Tilburg University, young people get educated in a way that they become responsible and entrepreneurial individuals focused on societal and innovative solutions.

This touches the heart and soul of the Tilburg University Challenge: offering students the possibility to submit their innovative, entrepreneurial ideas and develop these ideas, in co-creation and with guidance from coaches from the business world, into a feasible and viable business plan. The Tilburg University Challenge will challenge students to come up with innovative ideas, related to societal and entrepreneurial issues, and make real progress in realizing a viable business plan. During the competition, students can develop their entrepreneurial skills as well as co-create their innovations with experts from both educational and corporate environments. In doing so, the students get the possibility to introduce themselves to the different companies as future employees. To successfully enter these prospective employment opportunities, the students will acquire useful core competencies, like working in interdisciplinary teams, during the Tilburg University Challenge.

16 april Kick-off
20 mei Speeddates
25 juni Finale

Tweedejaars bachelor studenten aan de slag met de case “adoptie Robotic Process Automation”

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De studenten van de bachelor bedrijfseconomie aan Tilburg University werken voor het vak Management and Information Systems aan praktijkcases om de theoretische kennis die ze tijdens het vak op doen toe te kunnen passen op de praktijk. Vanuit VVA hebben wij een case aangeleverd over de adoptie van Robotic Process Automation bij organisaties. Wij zijn heel erg benieuwd naar de innovatieve oplossingen waar de studenten mee komen!

10 februari Start van de case
31 maart Interviews met Mark Musters
11 & 12 mei Presentaties over het eindresultaat

Tilburg University on Smart Industries

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Tilburg University on Smart Industry (TUoSI) is een initiatief van master Information Management studenten van Tilburg University. Tijdens dit evenement wordt ingegaan op de technologisch ontwikkeling van Industry 4.0, ook wel “Smart Industries” genoemd. Martijn Videler zal een lezing verzorgen over de verschillende toepassingen uit deze Industry 4.0 en hoe deze technologieën zich lenen en ontwikkelen voor non-profit organisaties. We gaan graag met jou verder in gesprek tijdens de borrel!